RVM® HD (HEAVY-DUTY) Quick-Attach Adapter Plate [7148033-HD] | Bobcat® Bob-Tach


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River Valley Machine Heavy-Duty Quick-Attach Adapter Plate [7148033-HD] | Bobcat® Bobtach

RVM HD Kit Replaces / Upgrades OEM Bobcat® Part #: 7148033
COMPATIBLE w/ Bobcat Part #’s: 7276373

Stock Adapters are made w/ 1/4″ face plates and 3/8″ verticals… River Valley Machine’s HD version is constructed with 3/8″ face plates and 1/2″ vertical supports – designed to not bend or break – using all OEM parts.

Our Heavy-Duty Quick-Attach Adapter is built to similar specifications w/ material thickness similar to a T870. This Quick-Attach Adapter weighs 25 lbs. heavier than stock adapter.

Ready to bolt on and use!

Our Kit will be shipped with all handles, springs, wedges, and new bushings. Does not include tilt cylinder pins, loader arm pins, nor power Bobtach cylinder.



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