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RVM, LLC is the Midwest’s premier supplier of top-quality aftermarket components & repair parts for light & heavy equipment such as skid-steers. River Valley Machine is entirely family owned & operated.

RVM History

RVM, LLC | River Valley Machine

History of River Valley Machine

Jon Cloyd, Jr., founder of River Valley Machine, initially started off as a consumer around the end of 2009, beginning of 2010. With the recent purchase of a used skid-steer loader, Jon found several mechanical issues with it. After contacting various dealers, he soon found that the price of repair parts was astronomical.

Jon made minor repairs – and several improvements to its original design. A local farmer saw it and wanted to buy it… RVM [River Valley Machine], LLC was formed. Throughout the years, we realized many of the issues equipment users were experiencing were far too commonplace – cheap / light-grade metals, poor manufacturing / welding, unaffordable high-pricing, etc…

RVM’s Solution was Simple…

Design & manufacture our own products with much better, higher grade metals & materials, improved manufacturing, along with outstanding customer service & speedy delivery.

As we are based in Dubuque, Iowa, we reached out and networked to various local area businesses with the abilities to fabricate Jon’s designs and bring RVM’s products to you.

RVM Mission

Our Background

River Valley Machine [RVM, LLC] continues to manufacture top-quality aftermarket accessories & parts for skid-steers and other light to heavy equipment.  We understand that when your equipment is down due to mechanical failures / issues – it’s simply not making you money.

With that said, listening closely to the needs of our consumers, RVM found those common components & parts that tend to break-down or wear-out frequently…

RVM’s products are proudly designed & manufactured in Dubuque, Iowa – right here – in the Heartland of the United States. We stand behind our products, as they meet – and often exceed – OEM specifications. River Valley Machine offers its well-built designs to you – those than need an affordable, long-term outlet to keep their equipment running properly (and safely).

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