RVM® HD Quick-Attach Systems

River Valley Machine proudly manufactures & distributes top-quality, high-grade components & parts meeting (often exceeding) OEM specifications. Many of our competition sells cheap, inexpensive imported products that bend easily and are unsafe.

Commonly referred to as Universal Quick-Attach – Bobcat® Bob-Tach, Fast-Tach, Latch Boxes, etc…
River Valley Machine’s Quick-Attach design comes from proven OEM Case® / New Holland® skid-steers that are commonly used today and currently still in production.

RVM® HD Quick-Attach Adapter Upgrades vs. Stock Adapter

  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter uses high-strength 3/8″ plate steel that will not bend.
    Stock Adapter uses mild 1/4″ steel, which allows the top tabs to bend over time, causing attachments to fall off of machine.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter uses 1/2″ thick wall torque tube design. Increases visibility, does not collect debris.
    Stock Adapter uses 3/16″ formed mild steel, which will eventually rust, restricts visibility, and collects dirt and debris on (and in between) adapter and attachment.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter uses six (6) vertical mounts made of 1/2″ high-strength steel.
    Stock Adapter uses only four (4) vertical mounts that are only 1/4″ thick and are known to break and tear over time.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter Cylinder Mount is 1″ thick, case hardended.
    Stock Adapter uses 1″ thick mild steel that causes the hole to elongate and wear out, causing extra slack in front of the machine.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter Large Frame Technology has been uses on S300 & T300 machines, designed to lift in excess of 3,000+ lbs for years with limited failures.
    Stock Adapters have been failing for years on machines only lifting as little as 1,200 lbs with no changes made.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter is set up for use on Bobcat® Power Bob-Tach Cylinder, Hydraulic Quick-Attach (not included).
    Most older stock units are not designed to be used with a Power Bob-Tach Cylinder.
  • RVM HD Quick-Attach Adapter is much more cost-effective. Saves money, won’t fail.
    Stock Adapter design is overpriced and guaranteed to fail…

RVM® Skid-Steer Attachments on Your Machine…

With River Valley Machine, you can modify your existing equipment to use skid-steer attachments.

Universal Quick-Attach systems are commonly found on skid-steers 1995 and newer. While each manufacturer may have their own design, the dimensions are fundamentally universal from manufacturer to manufacturer…

  • Aeroquip®
  • Bobcat®
  • Case®
  • Caterpillar®
  • Cummins®
  • Daewoo®
  • Deutz-Allis®
  • Esco®
  • Gehl®
  • Hansen®
  • John Deere®
  • Kubota®
  • Mustang®
  • New Holland®
  • Parker®
  • Perfecting®
  • River Valley Machine
  • Safeway Hydraulics
  • Scat Trak®
  • Takeuchi®
  • Thomas®
  • Volvo®