Keller Loader

In 1957 the Keller Loader, the first three-wheeled loader built by brothers Louis Keller and Cyril Keller for Eddie Velo, a turkey farmer whose barns needed cleaning.
The Keller Loader has a rear caster wheel and two drive wheels with an innovative clutch drive mechanism, powered by a 6 hp Kohler engine.
The Keller brothers build six more loaders at their Rothsay, Minnesota, machine shop before being introduced to the Melroe brothers in 1958.
The Melroe brothers invite the Kellers to demonstrate their loader at the Melroe farm equipment exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair.
The loader is an instant hit, and before the fair was over the Melroes invite the Kellers to join them. After reaching a royalty agreement for their clutch drive design, the Kellers are hired to design a new loader and bring it to production at Melroe Manufacturing Company in Gwinner, North Dakota.

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