Bobcat® 30 Series

The Bobcat® 30 Series represented the first “clean sheet” redesign of the Bobcat® skid-steer loader lineup. The complete makeover design project began in 1975 with a conversation between the heads of engineering and manufacturing.

Launched in 1977, the new Breed 30 Series featured gas and diesel, air and liquid-cooled engines.
A major new product feature is its center-mounted chaincase with drive chains in a “bowtie” configuration, which eliminates adjustments, a highly touted competitive advantage.

The new “Bauhaus” Bobcat logotype is unveiled with their recognizable cathead symbol (that is still used today).

With few design elements linking the previous 14 years of Bobcat® loader designs — each new model had a unique parts list and assembly process — which complicated manufacturing and increased the cost of producing and stocking parts, and providing service support — both for the factory and Bobcat dealers.
Realizing this, their goal became to make many components — operator cabin and ROPS, seat, steering levers, pedals and tailgate — interchangeable among several frame sizes. Such design standardization will allow more efficient mass production of the Bobcat loader in the Gwinner factory.

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