Melroe® M60 (Grasshopper Boom)

The Melroe® M60 Self-Propelled Loader is the first production model – based on the six (6) prototypes from Melroe Manufacturing Company & Keller Welding & Manufacturing. The Melroe® M60 Self-Propelled Loader is an improved version of the original Keller Loader, featuring a larger 9 hp engine, and upright boom configuration w/ improved lift-arm geometry – sometimes referred to as the “Grasshopper Boom” design.

The Melroe® M60 had two (2) production versions.

  1. The first was the same as the original six (6) prototypes (see photo).
    The records are unclear as to how many of this version were produced but everyone agrees the number is low.
    River Valley Machine believes that number to approximately eighteen (18)…
  2. The second version, Melroe® M60 Improved, had two modifications.
    1. The rear portion of the frame was now a casting
    2. The Wisconsin engine was replaced with a 12.9 hp 2-cylinder ONAN engine

Manufactured by Melroe® from 1958 until 1959, there were only 18 or so loaders built. 

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