Melroe® M200 (Straight Boom)

Manufactured by Melroe® Manufacturing Company from 1959 until 1960… The Melroe® M200 Self-Propelled Loader is the second design of the Melroe® Self-Propelled Loader line w/ a 12.9 hp Onan engine.

This model was quite similar to the Melroe® M60 Improved with two exceptions:

  1. First, the upright boom was changed to a more easily fabricated straight version.
    With the redesign of the lift arms, the Melroe M200 Self-Propelled Loader now has a rated capacity of 750 lbs.
  2. Colors were changed to “Farmhand Red” and “Implement Yellow.”

These first two models worked very well on the hard surfaces typical in the poultry industry.

Approximately 400 Melroe® M200’s were built during this time.

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