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RVM® Lift / Loader Arm Repair Kit | Bobcat® Bobtach

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River Valley Machine Lift / Loader Arm Repair Kit | Bobcat® Bobtach

The Tapered Holes wear out over time not allowing for the Tapered Pivot Pins to stay tight. Replacing these is a lot cheaper than buying a new Loader Arm Assembly.

River Valley Machine’s Loader Arm Boom Repair Kit for Bobcat Bobtach is very heavy duty.
To install, you must cut off the end of your Loader Arm and weld busing in place.

Available Parts:

River Valley Machine Loader Arm Repair Kit for Bobcat Bobtach

  • Bushing (Weld-On) *HEAVY-DUTY* for Boom Lift Arm [7160425]
  • Pivot Pin [7101078]
  • Bolt [47C1088]
  • Washer [27E10]



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RVM, LLC | River Valley Machine



Bushing (Tapered / Weld-On) *HEAVY-DUTY* w/ Tapered Hole for Boom Lift Arm [7160425]
1.5″ (38,1 mm) diameter 3.5″ Long 2.65″ OD

Fits Bobcat® Models:

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  • Bobcat® 773
  • Bobcat® S150
  • Bobcat® S160
  • Bobcat® S175
  • Bobcat® S185
  • Bobcat® S205
  • Bobcat® T180
  • Bobcat® T190

Compatible w/ Bobcat Models:

  • Bobcat® 751
  • Bobcat® 753
  • Bobcat® 763
  • Bobcat® 7753
  • Bobcat® 853
  • Bobcat® S130

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