RVM Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Cylinders from River Valley Machine are designed as an upgrade to standard OEM hydraulic cylinders. Our high-grade components & parts meet (and often exceed) OEM specifications. Many of our competition sells cheap, inexpensive imported products that bend easily and are unsafe.

RVM Hydraulic Cylinder Upgrades vs. Stock Cylinders

  • Upgraded cast-iron gland with buttress threads for less galled and/or damaged threads
    Stock Cylinders use aluminum glands…
  • Hardened Chrome Rod and Ram
    for less risk of nicks and scratches
  • Upgraded High-Performance Seal Handles
    Rated for 250° F and up to 7250 psi; extending seal life.
  • Finite Material Analysis
  • Load, Burst, and Wear Tested
  • 100% Performance Testing 100% on all cylinders
    According to ISO 10100;2001
  • Supplied by ISO-Certified manufacturer

RVM Extended Warranty

River Valley Machine offers $50 Credit for Hydraulic Cylinder Cores

River Valley Machine extends exclusive 18-month warranty!

Compare that to a standard 12-month OEM warranty…

Additionally, RVM offers a $50 Credit for Used, Rebuildable Hydraulic Cylinder Cores [More Information].

Hydraulic Components @ River Valley Machine