Tracey Groy

Tracey Groy @ RVM [River Valley Machine], LLC

Tracey was born and raised in Iowa before moving to Arizona in 1985. She attended Arizona State University where she earned her B.S. in accounting with honors.

Tracey has worked extensively with business owners of small to medium-sized companies. Recently, Tracey took an active role with River Valley Machine [RVM, LLC] assisting with the operations and financial management. She enjoys working with her brother Jon Cloyd, Jr.; learning the ins & outs of the skid-steer arena and taking the family business to a higher level of commerce nationwide.

When she is not working, Tracey is active volunteering. She believes in giving back to the local community and encourages those around her to get involved. She loves to mentor teenagers and young adults that have the desire and passion to succeed personally and professionally. Tracey also likes to read, watch movies, and travel.

Tracey is married to Thomas, a professor at Arizona State University. They have one beautiful daughter, Taylor who is currently a senior at the University of Arizona pursuing a career in the medical field.