Jon Cloyd, Jr.

Jon Cloyd, Jr. has over 30 years experience w/ heavy-equipment. Jon is passionate about top-quality components, parts and accessories…

Jon is a native of Iowa and has been a locomotive engineer for the past 20 years. He grew up with a curious mind; taking toys apart, teaching himself how they work then putting them back together. As he grew up, his father taught him entrepreneurial skills, the importance of a strong work ethic and the mindset of “doing it better and stronger than the other guy.”

Jon’s interest of designing better parts / improved equipment for the past 30+ years led him to open RVM, LLC [River Valley Machine].  He saw a need of stronger, better-built parts at a lower, more affordable price. It all started with a used Bobcat T-190 out of his home six years ago.

Little by little, equipment owners – and dealers – saw the intricate and well-made parts he provided. As a result, River Valley Machine now has brand-recognition and a reputation of quality nationwide. Jon Cloyd, Jr. is the mastermind behind RVM, LLC and takes great pride in designing components and assembling them right here in Dubuque, Iowa.

When he is not designing parts, you can see Jon on one of his skid-steer loaders, excavators or bulldozers working on his 14 acres and caring for his many pine trees that have now grown into a self-made “tree garden”.